Audi City Beijing


Bringing an Interactive Art Installation to Beijing

Anticlockwise Arts was contracted by Audi to bring one of our interactive installations to Beijing. After a successful install, the art was open to the public for six months.

Making a Permanent Installation Portable

We were contracted to convert Comfort Zone, a projection art piece installed at the Exploratorium, into a gallery exhibit to run on a power wall display in China. While I only had minimal involvement building Comfort Zone, I volunteered to help transport the installation. This was the first time we’d ever moved such a large piece for such a long distance. It was a massive undertaking to ensure all the gear passed customs and arrived undamaged.


IR Tracking

We had to reverse our IR silhouette tracking system to accommodate unexpected IR radiation from the powerwall display.


Modern Dancers

Our exhibit opening featured a performance from two incredibly talented dancers from LEVYdance.


High-Profile Gala

We were up against a firm deadline. The opening gala brought in Audi executives from around the world.

The Process

This project began with an international outreach for new media art installations. We answered the request and were accepted.

After that, it was a race to figure out how to transport the piece into flight cases and make sure we were ready for anything once we arrived on-site.

In December, we flew to Beijing and had an incredible experience working with other top-tier artists to bring the gallery to life. I got to see the Great Wall of China and deepen friendships across the globe. I’ll never forget it.


Keywords: Interactive Art, New Media, Gallery, China, Modern Dance

Matt Sonic