Levi's Stadium Installation


Developing a Futuristic Brand Experience


The Brocade Kinetic Theater is a large-screen motion-controlled interactive installation located inside Levi’s Stadium. I worked on software development and infrastructure design.

Journey Inside the Stadium’s Wireless Network

The Kinetic Theater uses gobos, Kinects, and a large-format display to bring participants along an interactive journey into the technology that runs the Levi’s stadium wireless network.



High-tech Install in Levi’s Stadium

This installation is open to attendees of the Brocade Club.


Become Data

Participants become a packet of network data and journey along the stadium WiFi.


Control the Network

During the experience, participants control data flow, reroute packets, and play minigames.

The Process

The Brocade Kinetic Theater was my first project with Britelite Immersive. Anticlockwise Arts was hired to help with the engineering efforts.

I worked with the Britelite team to help with the Kinect-based tracking setup, prototype interactions, and develop the final simulation.

It was a huge learning experience and we hit a lot of roadblocks along the way. But, ultimately, I’m proud of what we built and I made a ton of friends in the process.


Keywords: Interactive Installation, Kinect, Unity, Gobo, Large Display

Matt Sonic