Creating & Selling a Music Software Company

Sep 2010 - Sep 2011


SoundVendor was a software synthesizer that connected to an online sample database for an unlimited sonic palette. I created this company and sold it to Beatport in 2011 I received a patent for its processes in 2012.

iTunes for Music Producers

SoundVendor allowed musicians to audition loops and samples in the key and tempo of their songs. If they liked the resulting sound, they could immediately buy the license to the audio via an integrated shopping experience.

In essence, SoundVendor was designed to be something like iTunes for musicians. Instead of buying songs, musicians buy the individual raw samples and loops needed to create their songs.


Professional Instrument

After Beatport acquired the company, we integrated the world’s largest sample company into the instrument. Also, we rebranded the product as Soundbase.


Pre-acquisition Home Page

The original company home page was modeled after iTunes.


Pre-acquisition Storefront

Before Beatport, the storefront was simple and focused on a low disaggregated price point.

The Process

The synthesizer software was written in C++ using the JUCE framework and the backend was written in Ruby on Rails.

I won the San Francisco Music Hack Day competition using the ideas from SoundVendor and got noticed by Beatport. They acquired the technology and I began working in their San Francisco office.

Unfortunately, Beatport was acquired by SFX (Clear Channel) and decided to discontinue the release of the product.


Keywords: Startups, Acquihire, JUCE, C++, Ruby on Rails, Music Tech, VST

Matt Sonic