Westfield Experience & Kiosk


Previsualizing a Futuristic Retail Location

I helped create two interactive experiences for a prototype Westfield retail location.

A VR Experience & Touch-Controlled Kiosk

Westfield hired Britelite Immersive to build two interactive applications for their upcoming Bespoke retail location in downtown San Francisco. I worked as lead programmer to build both a touch-controlled kiosk and a VR experience.


Beautiful Retail Space

Our job was to help sell the retail space to interested parties using VR and a touch-controlled kiosk.


Futuristic Installations

Bespoke serves as a prototype for futuristic Westfield retail locations.


Touch-Controlled Kiosk

Our kiosk allowed potential customers to register their interest in the retail space and also preview the amenities.

The Process

This project had two parts. First, we developed a touch-controlled kiosk that allowed participants to preview the final retail space and register interest in purchasing the space.

Second, our team created a VR experience for interested customers so that they could get a better feel for the size and amenities offered in the location. We used Oculus DK2 devices and delivered PCs that booted directly into the experience.

Both projects were built using Unity. I worked as a programmer and helped coordinate the team of artists and coders.

I learned about converting CAD drawings into 3D models useful for interactive applications. Our 3D art team did an amazing job of recreating the space using Maya, NDO, and DDO, and the final result was beautiful.


Keywords: VR, Programming, Installation, Touch-Controlled, Retail

Matt Sonic